Our Installation Team known as


With the increasing use of aluminium joinery within India, a market has emerged for maintenance and repair services. As the demand for aluminium doors and windows increases day by day, demand for installation and repair of doors and windows has grown manifold in the same era.

In today’s world, people want a perfect and clean service for their expensive products. Mr. KIT is the perfect installer to deliver outstanding customer service and that sets us apart from our competitors.


Why Mr. KIT ?

1. Established Brand Name (Identity):
We have expertise of over 25 years to deliver outstanding aluminium products to our customers. We have delivered products to over 200+ projects over that period and that makes us a favorable brand name in the market. We have also done numerous projects for Government sector and we are listed as a brand in their records.

2. Time Tested Business Systems:
Kalco have very stringent business systems in place that every employee has to follow. These systems are in place for a long time now and had been put to test several times but never failed. Every installer follows the strict rules while working on site (be it be unloading of material, erection of windows, glass handling etc.).

3. Credibility:
We are recognized as leader in the window and door maintenance market and well respected by key industry players. We have professionally trained installers (Mr. KIT) to undertake any task for installation of our products (no matter what the order size is, no matter what the geographical condition is, no matter what working height or condition is).

4. Support:
Kalco doesn’t let you down for after-sales support. We have a fully working website for support after sales or installation where one can register themselves and get a request submitted for installation or repair for their doors and windows. Also, we have a Toll-free number accessible from all over the world for an immediate solution for their problems.